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Q and A Video With Dr. Phil McGraw Michael Vukelic

Recently, I had the pleasure (and privilege) of meeting Dr. Phil and engaging him with a question. As founder of Outrageous Success where I support people to reprogram their beliefs, behaviors, and blocks on the inside so they can powerfully create more meaning, joy, and success on the outside, I’m always curious about what other leaders think about the biggest stumbling blocks to success.

I was surprised that Dr. Phil shared his own personal truth and how it affected him. So many of us start life with a damaged personal truth and when we compare our “perceived” damaged selves to others, our “Ego” or “Separate Self” jumps into fear and we feel “less than.” We always have the opportunity to see ourselves as alone or abandoned, not good enough, or don’t trust in our own ability to have the life experience we desire.

This is actually a cornerstone of the work I do. And 1 of the 3 universal fears I teach (1. Fear of abandonment or rejection 2. Fear of unworthiness and not enough 3. Fear of not trusting in our own power and ability – to live our highest and best life).

Healing your personal truth is the work I am called to do with clients. When they first come to me, many clients believe they are substandard or challenged in some way, but actually they are not. It is something our mind heard or witnessed and believed; and our response and the truth we generate throughout life reflects what we believe.

The Essence of who you are has no regard for any of this. Our personal truth is all an “Ego” identity. Healing your personal truth is essential to changing your resultant success, joy, and fulfillment. I totally agree with Dr. Phil when he stated: “We have to believe we really deserve to be successful to be a success.”

Personally, I have had to learn that whatever my “Ego” thinks of me means nothing. And I am still learning.

What comes up for you as you watch Dr. Phil’s answer? Please leave your comment below.

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