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Slide Picture of Michael Vukelic doing talk for Lake Harriet Center OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS ABOUT

Change is possible and not as hard as it seems.

Outrageous Success is a Minneapolis/St. Paul based company specializing in creating “Amazing Authentic Successful People!”

It’s time; to choose “Fun,” enjoy your life, and “Reinvent” your results!  Developed over 10 years of growth, knowledge and transformation the “Quantum Leap Success Program” is filled with Signature tools and techniques to uncover a new and powerful you!

Feeling a bit stuck? Looking for change? Shift from mediocrity and master the confidence to revel in your greatness, no matter what your fears are.

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For me:  It’s living with freedom! Adventure! Fulfillment and inspiration while creating a great income, loving connections and a greater impact on the world through speaking and coaching!

Imagine a life of joy with less stress and more fulfillment. A life of new faces, and amazing chemistry. Empowered, beyond challenges, in peace.  What ever is missing in your life,  it’s time to make it your reality. Let me support you on the shortest. quickest path to your goal to become HEALTHY, CONFIDENT AND WEALTHY!

My advice.  Don’t procrastinate like I did!  Struggle is not the road to success or a happy life. Learn to HONOR, VALUE, and TRUST yourself to become the magnificent being you are. Yes, you can! 

Its time to empower yourself and step into the life you dream of! Call today and schedule your Free Strategy Session.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Meet the Quantum Leap Success Coach, and Inspirational Speaker - Michael Vukelic

Choose empowerment and break through mindset barriers that limit your abundance, well being and success! Together let’s build a life of Freedom, Fulfillment and Flow; to live fully and on your terms!

As a professional success coach and inspirational speaker, I am thrilled to see graduates of the Quantum Leap Success Program become authentic, confident, successful people and enjoy a life path that aligns with their hearts desire!

Leave “Successful Discontent” behind and Live life with enthusiasm and purpose!

You deserve an experienced guide who hears you and holds you accountable to achieve beyond what you believe is possible for your life.

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Why work with me?

Besides the fact that it’ll be fun, exciting and life changing? Well, here are my top 4 reasons:

A Customized Approach: A program designed to support you and your unique challenges. We focus on releasing barriers that block your joy, success and abundance in the quickest, easiest way that works best for you.

A Variety of Techniques: Utilizing different healing modalities, tools and exercises, clients experience more a-ha! moments and life changing shifts.

A One-Stop Shop: I put all of my training, certifications, science-based techniques and metaphysical knowledge to use so you don’t have to see multiple practitioners. You save time, energy and money.

A Great Investment: People spend years and thousands of dollars on self-help books and programs that don’t work long term. With my process, we’ll get to the root of the issue, clearing it out quickly and forever!

“I enjoyed working with Michael. His fun and nurturing approach worked great for me. It was really eye-opening to see what came from our sessions. I was able to move past some hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you, Mike!”
Rosie Dages

About Michael

How I developed “The Quantum Leap Success Program.”

Through out most of my younger years – I did not fully enjoy life! I lacked real abundance and found my path unfulfilling. I worked endlessly, went through the motions and put on a happy face. Engaged in a big time career, married to my high school sweetheart, I had a great income and material success but year after year, the joy and freedom I craved were missing. All of the desires of my heart, were continually pushed aside.

In 2000, without warning, the years of unhappiness, stress and terrible habits caught up with me. I was told I had cancer.

This wakeup call launched me into a time of major awareness. What I realized? Most of my life I believed I was unable to create the major change I sought. I felt stuck and at times – I wallowed in resentment.

Deciding to change was powerful. And I became deeply curious about life. I studied with many successful entrepreneurs. Over several years of intense study in Physics, Biology, Spirituality and ancient Metaphysical Knowledge I healed my past, transformed my life and skyrocketed my level of success.

The greatest a-ha moment of my life was being taught by enlightened masters to take ownership of my experiences and grow.

This knowledge hit me hard, but it also changed my life FOREVER!

Read more of my story here.

My Credentials

  • Train The Trainer Certification: Jack Canfield Training Group
  • Train The Trainer Certification: Infinite Possibilities Training Group
  • Certified Life Coach, ICF Accredited, Orange County Coaching Federation
  • Certified in Consulting Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis Instructor: National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Delores Cannon Process
  • Enlightened Masters Training: Eastern Energy and Medicine
  • Sedona University: Metaphysics (Doctorate studies – 2020)

Create A New Amazing Success Story!

Choose to Change! Unknowingly, we all live out stories, emotional patterns, mental programming and conditioning that have an effect on our life. Some of our stories and patterns can be supportive and empowering, but many can make change difficult and will severely limit our success, our love life, and our level of abundant living!

If there is a part of your life you’re not happy with, then lets discuss the higher knowledge and unique tools that will change your experience and uncover an abundant, fulfilled YOU!

Get empowered today! Contact me now.