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Change is possible and not as hard as it seems.

Outrageous Success is a Minneapolis/St. Paul based company specializing in creating “Amazing Authentic Successful People!”

Join us for online events, group retreats and holistic life counseling designed to create more joy, more fun, and more love in your life! Our unique new age trainings are packed with signature tools and knowledge to develop a new profound relationship with yourself – and your world. Each part of the program works in harmony to cultivate a new awakened and empowered perspective through new philosophies, and fun techniques that engage your heart, mind, and soul and uncover a new authentic and courageous you!

Looking for change? A higher love? More Joy? Shift from mediocrity and repetitive negativity and learn “Self Mastery” to revel in your greatness and live fulfilled!

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Imagine a life of joy with less stress and more fulfillment. A life of new faces, and amazing fun relationships. Living empowered and free, beyond repetitive challenges, regardless of events happening in the world. Whatever may be missing in your life, it’s time to make it your reality. Experience the Quantum Leap Program, and be supported on the shortest. quickest path to your goal to become HEALTHY, CONFIDENT AND JOYFUL!

Struggle is not the road to success or a happy life! Learn to HONOR, VALUE, and TRUST yourself to become the magnificent being you are! 

Step into the life you dream of! Call today and schedule your Free Strategy Session.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Michael Vukelic Founder, Author, Quantum Leap Success Coach

Michael Vukelic is a metaphysical teacher, creator of the popular Quantum Leap Success Program and first time author of, “Let Go of The Sh*! Show.”

As a professional success coach and inspirational speaker, I am thrilled to see graduates of the Quantum Leap Success Program become authentic, confident, successful people and enjoy a life path that aligns with their heart and soul!

You deserve an Experienced Guide who Hears You and Holds You Accountable to achieve beyond what you currently believe is possible for your life!

Together Let’s breakthrough mindset barriers that limit your joy, well being and success!

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Why work with me?

Besides the fact that it’ll be fun, exciting and life changing? Well, here are my top 4 reasons:

A Customized Approach: A program designed to support you and your unique challenges. We focus on releasing barriers that block your joy, success and abundance in the quickest, easiest way that works best for you.

A Variety of Techniques: Utilizing different healing modalities, tools and exercises, clients experience more a-ha! moments and life changing shifts.

A One-Stop Shop: I put all of my training, certifications, science-based techniques and metaphysical knowledge to use so you don’t have to see multiple practitioners. You save time, energy and money.

A Great Investment: People spend years and thousands of dollars on self-help books and programs that don’t work long term. With my process, we’ll get to the root of the issue, clearing it out quickly and forever!

“I enjoyed working with Michael. His fun and nurturing approach worked great for me. It was really eye-opening to see what came from our sessions. I was able to move past some hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you, Mike!”
Rosie Dages

About Michael

It all began in a small trailer park in Texas. And from those humble beginnings, I set out on what would be an amazing adventure. I had great parents, and a simple life. I always knew I was loved, but at times that love was confusing to me, as my Dad was 34 years in the Military and our home life was very disciplined.

As a family we we struggled financially and I learned early to be grateful for everything. From my perspective now, what we lacked more than money, was joy and love, and through-out most of my younger years – I sought out joy and love in any way I could get it. Watching my Father and Mother work hard each day, my sister and I learned this was the way to attain our desires. We all had our work to do and everyone was expected to chip in and do their part. I accomplished my projects and chores with perfection to earn the approval and favor of my parents. I was perceptive, and wise enough to know how to stay out of trouble.

Being inquisitive and a curious thinker, growing up I felt different from a lot of the other kids. Deep down I felt much more in tune with the world, intuitive, intelligent, and although quieter than most, I felt some profound connection stirring in me. As I grew into my teens I found myself becoming really curious, about life, our purpose here, religion, and I became extremely intrigued about how this world works and the role we play in it. Somewhere in the eighties I stumbled on several pieces of information, including books from Brian Weiss and Wayne Dyer that awakened my mind to a whole new world.

Although I was terrified to speak up and grew up with doubts about my abilities, I now understand that it has been a perfect journey to empower myself, develop a profound love of myself, and make important life decisions. This has lead me to a career as a Section Chief in the Military, a highly sought after career with a major airline, a real estate broker/investor, and finally, following the quiet yet persistent intuitive voice inside, I found freedom, fulfillment and healing by following my soul’s desire – to awaken that real joy and love that had always been missing from my life.

My path has afforded much success and abundance through out my journey, but I developed profound and amazing joy, health, fulfillment and love – to heal my disease – and my struggles – by learning to follow my heart and soul! My amazing life has given me much wisdom and many gifts for which I am more grateful than sometimes I believe is possible. I have overcome unsurmountable challenges and I now enjoy a beautiful loving relationship, flowing creative, fun work, and an adventure of amazing proportion by letting go of who I thought I was raised to be and choosing to follow and trust in all of the desires of my heart and soul.

This connection, explored in my Divine Intelligence Retreat, gave me peace, joy and success that has changed my life FOREVER!

My Credentials

  • Train The Trainer Certification: Jack Canfield Training Group
  • Train The Trainer Certification: Infinite Possibilities Training Group
  • Certified Life Coach, ICF Accredited, Orange County Coaching Federation
  • Certified in Consulting Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis Instructor: National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Delores Cannon Process
  • Enlightened Masters Training: Eastern Energy and Medicine
  • University of Metaphysics & Sedona University: Metaphysics and Psychology (Doctorate studies – 2021)

Create A New Amazing Success Story!

From years of education and experience I’ve found it’s important to understand and master your thoughts. The mind can hide many old messages that do not serve us. And unknowingly, we can live out an old story, repetitive emotional patterns, mental programming and conditioning that have an effect on our level of peace, love and success. With age these patterns become more frequent, making change difficult.

If there is a part of your life you’re not happy with, then lets discuss the higher knowledge and unique fun tools that will change your experience and uncover an abundant, fulfilled YOU!

It’s your life! Live it! Contact me for a 20 min discovery call.