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Worldwide Holistic Events!

“30 Days To Your Joy!”

What do you say to yourself each day when you awake? Are you aware of your predominant state of mind as you interact at work, at home, and with family? Chances are you spend most of your waking hours in known and familiar thoughts, habits and focus, and repeat many of the same feelings and experiences daily. In fact, do you understand that through your focus, you are collapsing infinite fields of possibility into the same patterns, that you call your life? Learn to understand and engage your mind in new activity and focus through fun rituals at different points in the day. Create real joy and expand your mind.


“Let Go of The Sh*! Show!”

Creating radical transformation in your life means transforming how we see ourselves and learning to love every aspect of who we are. Your social mask, your doubts, your personal truth. Bring a powerful awareness of the personality, perceptions and the chemistry that is you. Transform your relationship with yourself, forgive and release the energy of people and events from the past and step into the authentic and courageous, being you came here to be.

“Quantum Leap Your Life For Change!”

An overview of the Quantum Leap Program and the four components that generate amazing results. Created from 17 years of knowledge, spiritual, and personal growth, the program consists of: understanding the Separate Self, or the Personal Identity, developing a full Love of Thyself, heart driven soul awakening End Results, and Coming Home to the authentic you. The Program was created through Divine wisdom and combines, the study of the mind and new age knowledge, physiology, psychology, and spiritual wisdom. The program has empowered audiences across the country to bring out the best in themselves, by engaging heart, mind, and soul to create an amazing life experience.

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Upcoming Events

Be Brilliant! Learn of your amazing worth, the perfection of your journey, and the ultimate end result of all your desires, which is to live in Joy!

 You Are Invited!

You are invited to join Michael Vukelic, author ofLet Go of The Sh*! Show” as he delves into his most recent material, “Quantum Leap Your Life,” a program for healing and expansion of your current idea of life, love and your purpose, and “30 Days to Joy!” a program for families and individuals designed to bring amazing joy into their lives and begin the manifestation process toward the life of their dreams. Plus, join us for any of our fun adventures and retreats to exotic destinations or online programs from your own home.

Attend an upcoming inspirational event filled with unique tools to thrive! The unconscious mind loves to have fun, so I’ve incorporated fun new ways to integrate higher wisdom and playful, highly successful strategies to ditch your old and familiar way of perceiving your world. Expand your ideas of life, yourself and the universe and experience more joy, freedom and fulfillment.

I am honored to be a colleague working closely with Mike! When I heard him speak at a business retreat I was completely captivated by his incredible story, his vast knowledge and his gracious sincerity. Mike has a gift of engaging and educating his audiences in a powerful and memorable way.

– Carla White  Owner of Crisp Connections 

Michael is a powerful speaker. He will change the way we look at the world your attitude and the altitude to which you can soar. I highly recommend hiring Michael for any organization looking for its members to be inspired, motivated and learn the tools they need to be truly and outrageously successful!!

– Sarah Victory Owner The Victory Company

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Expand Your Life! With Fun Venues and Retreats

A fun, evolutionary education for living well!

We love to travel and what’s better than having a life changing experience in a extraordinary setting! Gather with like minded people who seek to evolve and live big!

Join Us for Our Next Retreat –  California, Colorado, Costa Rica! Hawaii, Chicago, and Santa Fe..

“Soulful Success, Love, Joy & All Things Fun”

Empowering individuals and business professionals to create instant breakthroughs and re-define success. Being discontent with any aspect of life has more to do with us and much less to do with the career, the spouse or life itself. Why winning the inner game is key to unlock the mystery to living in joy and Showing Up Big!

“Manifesting, What if it Really Works?”

How to embrace your hearts desire and live an abundant life. Spirituality, new age philosophy, expanded ways of living. What really happens when we focus the mind. Do meditation and visualization support us and our dreams? Learn powerful ways to manifest your true desire by engaging the mind and the heart. Could it be that Love is the only thing that is, “Real?”

“Divine Connection & Infinite Intelligence”

Do you desire real peace? A direct connection to all you desire? The Divine connection is where complete beauty and grace are born. Beneath all of your beliefs, struggles and stories is the divine you. Your soul has always been connected to Divine Intelligence and therefore, so are you. Learn to cultivate this connection and bring amazing power, peace, joy and love to yourself. Join the adventure into divine grace through meditation techniques, energy awareness and the power of intention. Calm the endless mind chatter, and connect with infinite intelligence for massive clarity and creativity. This amazing process will expand your mind and the possibilities for your life.

“The Powerful Mind! – Self Hypnosis to Expand Your Life!”

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis are powerful modalities to support a shift in the mind. Repetition, emotion and timing are very crucial to the effectiveness of these tools. Learn more about Hypnosis and the ways to make it work for you.

If you’re ready to take a “Quantum Leap” away from the frustrations of the past and fast track your fulfilling future, let’s connect.

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