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Outrageous Success Inspirational Speaking Events

“Successful Discontent”

Unfulfilled? Feel a calling for more? What if you could have all you have now and so much more? When we fully understand ourselves anything is possible. It’s time to create the success you can’t walk away from!


Personal Empowerment through change. Ever wondered why is change so hard? Amazing secrets from highly successful entrepreneurs, Biologists and Physicists to create the lasting change we seek. Habits and processes to look better, feel better and perform better. Surrender and have fun living your full potential!

“Soulful Success”

Have you experienced your launch? Arrived at a crossroads where you cant turn back? Soulful Success is a beautiful yet painful story of radical change that saved a life.

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Upcoming Events

Be Brilliant! Motivational Speaking Events to Master Prosperity and Performance!

When Fear Shows Up Grab a Life Jacket!

Keep Moving! Sometimes we get stuck and need a life jacket. In this video excerpt, you’ll hear a humorous story of breaking through a real fear from Michael Vukelic, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Success Strategist, Speaking to Executive Women international Michigan Ave Chicago, IL.

Attend an upcoming speaking event filled with inspiration, tips and tricks to bring the bang back into your life. Each fun event involves exercises for the audience, a gift to show your family and a humorous technique you can share with your friends.

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Slide Picture of Michael Vukelic doing talk for Lake Harriet Center RETREATS

Life-Changing Success Seminars

A fun, evolutionary education for living an Empowered Life!

Life mastery techniques and highly successful strategies to ditch your fear and blaze your path to freedom and abundance. Learn why change is difficult and how to easily breakthrough challenges, keep yourself productive, focused and free to enjoy life your way!

If You’re Not Feeling it, Then It’s Time For a Change!

Have a specific topic or need? Call today and have a Keynote designed for your Organization.

Live Above “Successful Discontent”

Empowering individuals and business professionals to create instant breakthroughs and re-define success. Being discontent with any aspect of life has more to do with us and much less to do with the career, the spouse or life itself. Why winning the inner game is key to unlock the mystery to living in joy and Showing Up Big!

Soulful Success Meets Prosperity

How to embrace your hearts desire and live an abundant life. Build it! Grow it! Preserve it! Personal growth techniques to be aware and release what is holding you back from the abundance and security you desire. Experience processes to clear beliefs and find the beauty in the blocks to an abundant life.

Lasting Change for Success!

Creating radical transformation in your life means transforming how we see ourselves and learning to love every aspect of who we are. A powerful awareness of the personality, perceptions and the chemistry that is you. Transform your relationship with yourself, step into your authentic power and fall in love with your life. You are meant for greatness!

Mind Power – Using Hypnosis to Enhance Your Life, Relationships and Career

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis are powerful modalities to bring into your life. Learn fun tools and processes to keep you strong, brilliant and authentic.

If you’re ready to take a “Quantum Leap” away from the frustrations of the past and fast track your fulfilling future, let’s connect.

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