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Professional Speaking Events!

“The Cosmic Dance: Embrace Abundance and Joyful Living”

The world is your grand stage.

Picture this: Life as the ultimate improvisation, with you as the lead actor and the universe as your audience. Here, every encounter is a scene, every challenge a plot twist, and every joy a standing ovation.
This talk takes you on a backstage tour with Divine Intelligence. Think of it as your ultimate director, editor and coach, dressed in celestial chic, guiding you through the acts of life with a wink and a nod toward enviable success.

So, let’s raise the curtain on this playful dialogue that’s more than just entertainment; it’s a revelation of the soul’s journey through the cosmic sitcom we call life.


“Mindful Alchemy: Elevating Health and Happiness Through Thought”

Science of Mind for Brilliant Outcomes.

How much of what you believe today is true? Is truth just an old tradition that limits you? Creating radical transformation in your life starts with awareness and acceptance of who you are, and a shift in mindset to new perspectives and wisdom. Your life is the perfect journey for your evolution.

Your physical reality has no power over you. When you change what your mind believes, your outside world changes. Bring a powerful awareness of the personality, perceptions and the chemistry that is you.

“Stories of Triumph, Love and Laughter”

Created from a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and events, these stories will shake up your life. Each keynote contains stories of real life experiences; of challenge, and the wisdom that comes from living a life of personal growth and expansion.

There have been many before us – Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Ghandi, etc. who have risen from obscurity to become amazing beings, because they learned of the Divine essence within them. This gave them strength never before experienced and a will to never quit.

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Be Brilliant! Learn of your amazing worth, the perfection of your journey, and the ultimate end result of all your desires, which is to live in Joy!

 You Are Invited!

You are invited to join Michael Vukelic, author ofLet Go of The Sh*! Show” as he delves into his most recent material, the powerful “Supercharge Your Manifesting Power” online program for professionals. Designed to bring healing, expansion, and lasting success, the course contains:

5 Modules of Powerful Manifesting Processes.

5  2 – 5 minute Instructional Videos

A Downloadable Short Assessment of your Current Life

Powerful Steps to Align Your Thoughts With Your Passion

Identify Your Top Three Desires, and Create Steps to Achieve Them

  How to Engage in Inspirational Practices For Minutes a Day & Keep Your Energy and Focus Aligned With Your Desires

Attend an upcoming inspirational event filled with unique tools and wisdom to thrive! The unconscious mind loves to have fun. Integrate higher wisdom and playful, highly successful strategies. Remove your barriers to your brilliance and live the life you deserve.

I am honored to be a colleague working closely with Mike! When I heard him speak at a business retreat I was completely captivated by his incredible story, his vast knowledge and his gracious sincerity. Mike has a gift of engaging and educating his audiences in a powerful and memorable way.

– Carla White  Owner of Crisp Connections 

Michael is a powerful speaker. He will change the way we look at the world your attitude and the altitude to which you can soar. I highly recommend hiring Michael for any organization looking for its members to be inspired, motivated and learn the tools they need to be truly and outrageously successful!!

– Sarah Victory Owner The Victory Company

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Expand Your Life! With Fun Venues and Retreats

A fun, evolutionary education for living well!

We love to travel and what’s better than having a life changing experience in a extraordinary setting! Gather with like minded people who seek to evolve and live big!

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“Manifesting, it Really Works!”

How to embrace your hearts desire and live an abundant life. Through spirituality and new age philosophy, learn of the power you possess and the techniques to allow your life to be magical. What really happens when we focus the mind? Do meditation and visualization support us and our dreams? Could it be that “Love” is the only thing that is, “Real?”


“The Powerful Mind! – Heal & Expand Your Life!”

Powerful modalities to support a shift in thought. Learn more about the state of Hypnosis, Meditation and Visualization and the ways to make it work for you.

“Divine Connection & Infinite Intelligence” why it’s so important.

Do you desire real peace? The Divine connection is where power, beauty and grace are born. Beneath all of your beliefs, struggles and stories is the divine you. Your soul has always been connected to Divine Intelligence and therefore, so are you. Learn to cultivate this connection and Awaken the Power Within. This amazing experience will expand your meditation techniques, awareness and heal the energies that cause resistance. Learn to harness your power for massive clarity, creativity and highest outcomes.

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