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Life is Meant to be An Amazing Adventure!

If You’re Not Feeling it, Then It’s Time For a Change!

Join us for fun, inspiring online events and programs to expand your life! Let’s get you on the fast track to outrageous freedom & fulfillment!


Step Into More Magic, More Meaning, and Master Your Life!

Have you done well, and happiness eludes you?

Once upon a time, we were taught that Outrageous Success was dependent on material possessions, a job title, a 6-figure salary, a mortgage, 2.5 kids, a luxury car, and the corner office.

Today, we know better. And yet, millions of men and women around the world still struggle to follow their heart and feel truly fulfilled & free!

If you find yourself facing the future and struggling with Successful Discontent™ Disappointment or Discouragement, you’re in the right place. It’s time for a change. And that change is easier than you think!

Hi, my name is Michael Vukelic

I believe that life is far more than you have been taught to believe, and you are so much more amazing than you understand!

As founder of Outrageous Success, I know what it’s like to walk through life feeling unfulfilled. And while my rock bottom included a dire diagnosis, and devastating divorce, – this is not necessary – and floundering, struggling and suffering are not intended to be a part of our life!

For the last decade, I’ve been coaching, inspiring and counseling individuals, groups, and organizations, on what it takes to create authentic Outrageous Success. As my clients will tell you, this training is life changing! Filled with unique tools and evolutionary wisdom, the program creates the over the top, profound and lasting breakthroughs you desire and deserve.

The signature Quantum Leap Success Program combines over 15 years of knowledge and the best of both worlds with coaching techniques that work on a conscious level, and powerful processes that will release old paradigms to finally achieve your dream!

Michael Vukelic Cover Final Front

Let Go of the Sh*! Show

Workbook Front Cover

Let Go of the Sh*! Show

Michael Vukelic - MMM FInal Cover


Exciting, vibrant, and fun. AND IT WORKS!

“After spending thousands of dollars and decades of my life in therapy, support groups, and coaching programs, Michael got me to the heart of the problem immediately! The best part? He teaches you powerful, practical tools you can access on your own – for life. Our work together was exciting, vibrant, and fun. AND IT WORKS! I can’t recommend Michael highly enough to help you understand what’s holding you back and get you on the fast track to your goals.”

Lauri Flaquer

Founder Business on the Beach

Read about the amazing results clients have here.

Together, we create a Quantum Leap in your energy, awareness, and actions.

Instead of wasting years trying to figure out what’s not working, I empower clients to quickly and comfortably shift their beliefs, behaviors, blocks, burdens, and stories while finding the blessings and lessons along the way.

The results speak for themselves! Things like…

  • ✓ Profound & lasting change (even if you’ve spent years in therapy!)
  • ✓ Higher connection and loving communication in relationships.
  • ✓ Increased fulfillment & joy from your career.
  • ✓ Renewed zest for life.
  • ✓ Spiritual wisdom & Soulful self trust.
  • ✓ Increased mental focus and health.
  • ✓ Knowing that the answers lie within you.
  • ✓ Release of the fears and illusions that limit your success.
  • ✓ A deep, abiding belief that the world is working on your behalf.
  • ✓ A clear plan for the heart driven “End Results” you seek from life.
  • ✓ A new empowered and confident you.

If you’re ready to take a “Quantum Leap” away from the frustrations of the past and fast track your fulfilling future, let’s connect.

Click “HERE” to schedule a complimentary 20-minute strategy session with me.