Ready to live an outrageously fun, fulfilling and successful life on your terms?

I’ll show you how it’s not only possible but 100% within your control.

The secret to having Better Health, Beautiful Relationships, Rewarding Work and a Life of True Freedom and Joy is knowing how your mind and consciousness shape your life experiences.

Let me help you uncover, break through and banish the beliefs, habits and unconscious patterns that keep you from:

  • achieving your goals
  • feeling vibrant and healthy
  • sharing your talents and gifts with the world
  • reaching your full potential and
  • enjoying a rich, fulfilling life

Manage Your Mind, Love Your Life

I work with entrepreneurs, former corporate rat-racers, and mid-lifers in transition to provide the knowledge, tools and support they need to feel vibrant, unlock their true potential and live the outrageously successful life of their dreams.

How I Can Help YOU

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Professional speaking events to inspire and educate your group or team
Learn techniques, tools and principles to enhance your life, relationships and productivity.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

A simple yet powerful way to ditch what doesn’t work
Release bad habits and change behaviors that don’t serve your highest potential.

Success Coaching

A life-changing deep dive into a new, empowered YOU
Break free from fear, get to know the TRUE you, and see how amazing life can become.

My greatest joy is to see you

Discover who you really are
Break through your challenges
Love what you do
Live your life to the fullest!

My empowering approach to personal transformation is part science, part metaphysics, all FUN.

I use a variety of powerful techniques that resolve issues quickly so you can skyrocket to new levels of success and happiness.



“Working with Michael is like a fun journey into myself. In just one session I understood what has been holding me back my entire life. Amazingly, I’ve been able to make huge progress in five sessions.

After spending thousands on therapy, self-help and groups, I got to the heart of the problem with Michael immediately. This has made a huge difference in my awareness of my actions and how they were sabotaging my future.

What I like best, after the results, is that Michael incorporates a variety of powerful techniques into our work. Our time together is exciting, vibrant and fun. AND IT WORKS!!!!!

Lauri Flaquer

Lauri Flaquer


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