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Michael Vukelic is a powerful speaker. He will change the way we look at the world your attitude and the altitude to which you can soar. I highly recommend hiring Michael for any organization looking for its members to be inspired, motivated and learn the tools they need to be truly and outrageously successful!!
Sarah Victory

National Speaker The Victory Company

I was fortunate to attend Michael’s 7 Secrets to Create the Life You Love session and loved it! Michael has such a warm demeanor and engaging speaking skills, so any opportunity to see him present shouldn’t be missed.
Connie Whitesell – ACC, SPHR, MBA

Streamlining Businesses to Success

Michael is a fantastic speaker: vibrant, enthusiastic, commanding, heart-felt, and prepared. He gave real tips and useful tools that the audience could immediately implement in their lives. It was such a pleasure having him speak at The Awaken Studio and I look forward to working with him again.
Dr. Tracy Brinkman

National Trainer at The Awaken Studio

Working with Michael is like a fun journey into myself. In just one session I understood what has been holding me back my entire life. Amazingly, I’ve been able to make huge progress in five sessions.

After spending thousands on therapy, self-help and groups, I got to the heart of the problem with Michael, immediately. This has made a huge difference of my awareness of my actions and how they were sabotaging my future.

What I like best, after the results, is that Michael incorporates a variety powerful techniques into our work. Our time together is exciting, vibrant and fun. AND IT WORKS!!!! I can’t recommend Michael highly enough to help you understand what’s holding you back and get you on the fast track to your goals.

Lauri Flaquer

Founder Business on the Beach

Michael is very inspiring-I have gone to many of his events and they are always educational and inspiring- the latest one, on August 22, 2015 at the Farmhouse in Evanston was excellent. We had three fabulous speakers (Including Michael), wonderful food, and time to get to know others attending that evening. We all participated in an interesting game to inspire the attendees to get to know each other,….and a prize. Fun for all of us!
Kelly Ford

I enjoyed working with Michael. His fun and nurturing approach worked great for me. It was really eye opening to see what came from our sessions. I was able to move past some hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you Mike!
Rosie Dages

Michael is a very passionate and compassionate person whose strength in giving and supporting shines through when I worked with him. He really has a lot to give and is very much valued as a fellow trainer and motivator.
Ida Abdullah

Attending the “Life is More Than Luck” event hosted by Michael Vukelic on Aug. 20, 2015, was a lot of fun and very insightful! I was impressed by the event’s three speakers, each with varying backgrounds and topics. Tips were discussed, such as the importance of writing down one’s specific goals in life, as well as identifying one’s successes. This was a great experience, and I look forward to future events.
Remy Briam

President Evanston Toastmasters

Mike shares his wisdom in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen, his message of hope and renewal will inspire you and his stories will touch your heart!
Danne Reed

Coach, Trainer, Author of Sexy Little Twist

Michael exudes a contagious energy and natural ability to inspire others to achieve their deepest goals. Since joining Toastmasters Evanston, Michael has embraced the culture of practicing proper public speaking and leadership skills. He helps motivate our membership to raise the bar and achieve beyond what was thought possible. Michael never hesitates to thoughtfully contribute where and when needed.
Dominic Poggi

Toastmaster President

I am honored to be a colleague working closely with Mike. When I heard him speak at a business retreat, I was completely captivated by his incredible story, his vast knowledge and his gracious sincerity. Mike has a gift of engaging and educating his audiences in a powerful and memorable way.
Carla White

Owner of Crisp Connections and author of ``Showing Up – Lessons in Happiness, Humor and a Courageous Heart``