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Master Your Experience Through Self Mastery & Enjoy Your Highest Life

The Quantum Leap Program is an immersive experience that combines unique empowerment techniques, success strategies, and fun, playful tools to shift thought processes and dramatically accelerate your ability to create meaningful change from the inside-out.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried in the past…

  • Years of Talk Therapy
  • Alternative Medicine or Energy Healing
  • Life or Business Coaching
  • The Professional Medical Community
  • Gobs of Self Help Programs

You CAN experience rapid relief, powerful breakthroughs, and profound shifts in your life quickly and easily, when you are willing to commit and evolve!

Outrageous Success Coaching is an evolutionary approach to Creative Fulfilling Work, Happy Playful Friends, A Great Income, & Extraordinary Love!

Step 1. Understand Yourself. Discover the purpose of your Ego/Separate Self Identity. Shift your perspective and the old Ideas of self.

Step 2. Learn to Value, Love and Trust yourself. Expand your current concepts and perceptions. Release from fears & challenges. Realize a powerful Love for Thyself.

Step 3. End Results. Be supported & guided to achieve infinite possibilities. Create Heart driven, Divinely inspired intentions & achieve what you thought impossible.

Step 4. Come Home to the authentic, courageous & free you! Evolutionary wisdom for greater Divine connection and the joyful life, that was intended for you.

Watch & Listen to what one client had to say about the Quantum Leap Program: HERE

Your Success Begins With You.

Real joy and success is found in our relationship with ourselves. The amount of, and quality of, Love, Joy, Health and Abundance is determined by thought, belief and patterns of behavior that follow our thought. Join the program that will expand current ideas and concepts about yourself, your life and your connection with your divine essence. Exploring this new age knowledge is easy. Enjoy Michaels first book, “Let Go of The Sh*! Show,” join one of many Online Events, or raise the bar and benefit from professional Holistic Life Counseling.

Option #1: The Quantum Leap Coaching Quick Start (1 Session)

Deep down, you know it’s time. To show up differently for yourself. To make a different choice. And yet, getting un-stuck or off pause can be tricky for even the most tenacious. In our 90-minute Quantum Leap Quick Start Session, we’ll work together to quickly assess and address your challenges, patterns, or fears. From there, we’ll focus on a unique practical tool or solution you can implement immediately. We’ll spend the second half of the session on gaining an understanding of the Quantum Leap Program and the visual and self-empowering tools that will allow you to powerfully begin to re-assess and re-tune your thought and behavior to a frequency of freedom, abundance and fulfillment.

Option #2: The Quantum Leap Mentorship Program (3 Months)

While Quantum Healing can happen instantly, making purposeful changes to your beliefs, behaviors, and blocks will require a commitment to evolve. My 3 month Quantum Leap Mentorship is for individuals who are ready to create revolutionary results for life, reinvent their patterns and stories and take the necessary action to create lasting transformation. This process is non-judgmental, fun, and freeing. Who you become is well worth the journey!

Option #3: The Quantum Leap Legacy Program (6 Months)

Most patterns of thought and behavior have been ingrained in our being from childhood. When you’ve been accustomed to a way of living, a way of viewing yourself and your experiences for years, it’s going to require deeper awareness and focus to fully and finally free you. By far, my most immersive, hands-on offering, the Quantum Leap Legacy Program allows me to support you through every step of your new journey, as you release unconscious blocks, trauma, and barriers so you can shift into a more aligned, action-oriented, empowered version of self. This process is game-changing, joy-inducing, and results-driven.

Have you followed a goal seeking “plan,” and attained a level of success, but feel something is still missing?

This Quantum Leap Training is for you if:

    • You’re experiencing discontent in your relationship, work, or life.
    • You struggle to achieve what you really want.
    • You experience a roller coaster of emotional or physical pain.
    • You are struggling with lack of love, abundance or joy.
    • You know its time to change!

Michael’s Quantum Leap program has had a lot of impact on my life! I found it addresses the aspects of life with a holistic approach, from the beginning, the middle and the end. The empowering knowledge, the concepts and wisdom, although objective, allowed me to hear what I needed to hear to CHANGE MY LIFE!  When Mike pours it out from his soul, it fills the room! It was meaningful in my healing, and changed my perspective – SO I COULD MOVE ON! I found Mike to be empathetic and yet, we did the tough stuff in a productive way! – Ray Young

Complimentary 20 Minute Quantum Call

Not sure which option is best for you?