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Love is Who You Are

Love is who you are. (Your Essence) – All the rest is a conditioned “Ego” you. (Your mind created belief system) – To know your Ego, created by the ideas, patterns, thoughts, stories and emotions that are you identify with, creates awareness of your patterned interactions and experiences and promotes a healthy awareness for this worldly part of you. Learning to understand and accept your Ego self, with detached awareness – is powerful. This allows you to drop the judgements, the reactions and the constant Ego need to create conflict in your life. Thus, the belief system that once had complete control over you and your life are now assessed and understood. – No, the Ego is not “Bad.” As long as you are here on earth, you will have an Ego. You are learning perfectly from your Ego and in understanding your Ego, you will allow every interaction, reaction, every event, and relationship to be viewed from a much higher perspective. Life can become amazingly, fun, beautiful and exciting, and those opportunities that arise daily, where we choose to either jump into an old Ego reactive state or stay in our essence and create evolved solutions – are now a choice! Take a moment to reflect on your life. Who is in control? You or your Ego? #Quantumleap

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Michael Vukelic