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Michael Vukelic – CEO Founder Outrageous Success – “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

A response to Amy Collett – So Many Changes, Adapting and Growing in a Pandemic World

Thank you for writing your article Amy, I am so pleased to share your work with the world as well as my response, incorporating the beautiful wisdom I have been given, with the intention to support so many that find themselves in today’s challenging environment. I am responding to your article with the intention of supporting those in need of peace, joy, abundant living and a release of the fear that is paralyzing so many. 

First, I wish to express my deep heartfelt compassion for those of us who find ourselves stressed, suffering or feeling anxiety for our current situation. Let me assure you, this is not what is intended for us in this life. Many of us find ourselves challenged over our careers, our health, and our ability to provide for our families and presently question our future and many of the fearful decisions being made.

Life is full of challenges. This will not change until mankind decides to change. There have been challenges as far back as history has recorded, and as long as the majority of us continue to think the way we do, focused on upheaval, chaos, conflict and ugliness, there will be many challenges moving forward.

History has shown us there are many successful people during horrible times and there are many unsuccessful people in very good times. I use the term successful with the idea that success can mean many different things to many people. Success for one person may be defined as having a close friend to talk with, for others it may be having a place to call home, and still for others it can be feeling abundant, happy and grateful for the experience of life itself. Throughout our life, it’s important to understand our personal perspective and thus our earthly experience. The same can be said with regard to challenges.

“One Person’s challenge can very well be a blessing for another”

Let’s begin by examining a few statistics. Right now, in our world, a lack of food causes approximately 25,000 people to die from hunger each day. 25,000 people every day! According to various sources, each year since 2017 – 7 to 9 million people worldwide die from starvation. Yes, 7 to 9 million die from a lack of food every year.


Jan 01, 2020 – August 18, 2021 there have been 641K Covid 19 deaths in the US.

Jan 01, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020 there were 607K cancer deaths in the US.

Jan 01, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019 there were over 650K heart disease deaths in the US.

Jan 01, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020 there were 480K smoking deaths in the US.


During the 1918 pandemic, there were 675K deaths in US.

Healing a Challenge

This is a small but horrific list of events that have affected, or continue to effect mankind. Please forgive this dive into some morbid details of humanity. I do not say this lightly. I’m stating these facts to illustrate a point.

Some of these issues have gone on so long that many of us don’t even give them a minute of our time or attention. They are not playing a part in our lives, and we do not focus or look for a solution there. Does the world have the capability to address or even cure many of these situations? I believe we do. We always have the opportunity to shift our focus, or the collective focus, heal a challenge and change our experience.

Covid 19, bringing something new to our awareness, is receiving mainstream attention from society, the news media, politics, our educational system, and the medical system. The virus is new to society, or is publicized and promoted as a new challenge or entity, and through the new and unknown challenge, has struck real fear into many of us throughout the world. Society and the mainstream news are very focused on this and it has become difficult to keep our focus on the amazing joy and wonder of life and living.

Through this fear, we have been restricted as a society, restricted from working in groups, spending time together in various venues and it has affected our idea of a normal lifestyle. How do we navigate our latest challenge and all the ways it has affected our lives? As with any “perceived” negative event or challenge – there is always plenty of opportunity. What I have found again and again throughout life, it’s how we see and process our world, people, and experiences that makes all the difference in the outcome of any event and our personal experience. Some souls focus on or perceive a problem, while others see opportunity. The more consistently we see opportunities in any situation, the more opportunities will arise. If it’s our focus, we move in that direction. It must happen.

The past several years I have had the honor of working with many clients. What I notice in near each one of them, is they have a perception, a concept, a belief system causing thoughts of stress, anxiety, resentment, and blame, to name a few, which in truth, causes themselves and the world more harm than good. Many of them suffer from chronic thoughts and perspectives that have caused damage to their relationships and their life results. They have lost the ability to believe in the highest and best for themselves and the world and are focused on many of the external events, people and situations in a negative light. When this happens, they contribute to the overall negativity of humanity and literally, fear controls them.

I spent many years in this trap. While working in a corporate setting, stress and pressure were a daily part of my life. As much as I desired something different, I could not see a way out. As I look back today it was obvious I was unhappy, placing blame outside of myself for my experiences and I spent years oscillating between feeling resentful and discouraged, and found myself chasing consistent success, joy and happiness. By the age of 50, I was grappling with cancer, and shortly thereafter experienced a heart attack. It was not my situation that caused my pain, but my focus, choices and habits. Through my trainings with many successful people and the amazing work with enlightened masters, luckily, I found my way to  higher truth and knowledge that radically transformed my perspective and my experience of life. This is, in part how I developed the Quantum Leap Success Program. Today I am very aware of my own thinking, my old unconscious paradigms, concepts and patterns, and through fun, unique tools to expand and grow my mind, I have healed my body of disease and healed my life! I correct my focus of challenges and problems, to focus on blessings and opportunities.

When we radically change our thoughts, our focus, and how we see the world, (Which includes how we serve the world, how we think of our own experience, and how we see ourselves), our world radically changes. It’s time guys and gals, to turn our focus to solutions and opportunities instead of problems. Yes, there are many of us living in fear, and I understand this pain. While I do not wish to step on any toes here, fear is a poor focus of energy and resources. Society as a whole is steeped in it and many remain unaware of our own power to change. From a much higher perspective, life is an amazing journey of growth and awareness. Miracles and opportunities are everywhere if we look for them.

In order to keep a positive perspective and possibly increase your healthy awareness and daily activity, I’ve put together a few probing questions designed to have more fun and expand your life.

What new activity and or habit can you add to your life to increase your health, wealth or fulfillment? Start up a walking routine or join an online group yoga activity for something new. If you are seeking more, begin a new work out which involves cardio one day and strength training on another. Doing any activity regularly for 60 days creates a new habit. The benefits of exercise are numerous for our body/mind and will support you to achieve a healthier mindset.

What if the COVID 19 virus is an opportunity to redirect a runaway society that is harming ourselves and our world? How can you begin to give back to your community, or humanity as a whole? There are many ways to serve the world. Beginning a new group for a cause you believe in is a great way to give and share knowledge with others. The world needs that special gift you have. The benefits are many. People will become extremely grateful for your contributions.

What special or fun hobby have you wanted to begin, but never had the time for? Reading new self-improvement books, learning to play an instrument, creating instructional video, starting an online business, are a few of the opportunities open to us. What have you dreamed of doing if you only had the time?

What if this is the perfect opportunity for humanity to stop fearing and increase love? No one is being thrown out of their home. Children and families are gaining more quality time together. We are all learning to shift and grow in new directions.

I hope you begin to see, even during a pandemic, there are many opportunities for us to expand our life. Instead of driving blindly through each day, the pandemic is giving us a chance to slow down and really look at our habits, abilities, and our focus.

An important part of my training program is learning the real purpose of life and living with more love, more joy, and increased success and fulfillment. Here are a few amazing snippets of Higher Wisdom to support you in changing your perspective and your life.

The Top Ten Things to Embrace a Higher Life!

1. Through your repetitive daily focus, you are collapsing infinite fields of possibility into the same patterns called, “Your Life.”

2. You are of the Divine, by God, pure God and so is everything else! Being Omnipotent & Omniscient.

3. Joy, Health, and Love are your default state of being. – all else comes from your thoughts and beliefs!

4. Your soul chose this journey to expand love.

5. You happen to life, life does not happen to you.

6. Your Ego or Separate Self Identity, is your perfect teacher.

7. Learning to serve others by following your heart will create great joy!

8. Life is not a test and you are not being judged.

9. Life will give you many opportunities to reaffirm your addictive emotional states, and to experience what you believe to be true.

10. Experiences are ultimately neutral until we judge them.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Years from now when you look back on this moment, it will become apparent that this was the most amazing time in history and a beautiful time to grow and expand your consciousness.

Welcome to your adventure. This is Life.

Michael Vukelic is CEO and Founder of Outrageous Success and a Holistic Life Counselor, Coach and Author of his new Best Seller: “Let Go of the Sh*! Show.”

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