Picture of inspirational speaker Michael Vukelic Outrageous Success at 6yrs old


Do you believe in Miracles?
I have been doing a lot of work in the office lately, writing my first Self Development book which I do not have a title for (Yet) and surprisingly enough a second book has sprung from this work, which will be “A Survival Guide for Men.”

Michael Vukelic and Jewel Mega Success Anaheim, California

What Jewel Taught Me About Authenticity

I was so uncomfortable in this picture! Can you tell? Yes! The worst. Why? I doubted myself.
As I awaited my personal photo opportunity with Jewel, I found myself wanting to check my tie, my hair and in general became self conscious about my appearance. While standing with a friend and “Image Consultant” I met in Chicago, I could not resist asking, “How’s my tie?”

Laughing with Dr. Phil Success Coach Michael Vukelic Anaheim, Ca.

Q and A Video With Dr. Phil McGraw Michael Vukelic

Recently, I had the pleasure (and privilege) of meeting Dr. Phil and engaging him with a question. As founder of Outrageous Success where I support people to reprogram their beliefs, behaviors, and blocks on the inside so they can powerfully create more meaning, joy, and success on the outside, I’m always curious about what other leaders think about the biggest stumbling blocks to success.

Michael Vukelic image for self development video

When Positivity Doesn’t Work

“Be more positive!”
This is the message so many self-professed self help experts espouse.
And yet if you’re like many clients when they first come to me, you’ve been doing your best to think more positively, to live into happy thoughts, to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and…
You’re still stuck.
It’s not that you didn’t ‘think positively enough’. It’s that positivity alone isn’t the answer.