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Do You Have any Suggestions for a Happy, Healthy Relationship With Your Significant Other?

Yes! A Happy, Healthy relationship with a significant other can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life, and from a holistic perspective, is a beautiful opportunity to evolve and empower ourselves through amazing experiences! We have an opportunity to expand our ideas and concepts not only of ourselves, but of money, love, happiness and communication, just to name a few. Being intimate and close to one another through the ups and downs of life, a healthy relationship is where we learn real trust in our partner, and in our own abilities.

Through the exchange of emotions, beliefs and patterns of thought, we are guided to understand who we are, embrace our value and develop a respectable love for ourselves. It takes work and a willingness to open the heart and become vulnerable. When we are brave enough to do so, a real and beautiful “sacred space” grows in the relationship, without a unhealthy attachment to each other, or a need to “keep score.”

To release our triggers and challenges and live with greater joy, most significant relationships in our life can also show us where we require growth. Through our significant parenting people, we have been raised to believe many various traditional concepts, ideas, and stories about men, women, life, money, and love, and our relationships can mirror to us our deepest beliefs. All of these belief systems and generational paradigms are expressed through what I describe as the “Separate Self.” This, “Ego mind self” is our perfect teacher through out life. And as my Masters have said many times, “Michael, you are experiencing exactly what you wanted to experience.”

Relationships are not in our life by chance. And our thoughts beliefs and stories on a higher scale, are meant to evolve us. Creating awareness of our patterns and beliefs and our unique, “Separate Self,” can alter our relationships and our life significantly, and with the appropriate tools, bring peace, joy, and a more healthy, abundant life.

Here are, “Eleven Powerful Steps For a Happy, Healthy Relationship!”

1. Be clear as to the type of partner you desire. Use your heart and make a list of the most pleasant aspects of the person you wish to share your life and love with. 

2. Learn to be yourself, love yourself and fulfill your dream. These are three huge aspects to enjoy an amazing love. Being in love is beautiful, but it does not mean giving up your dream for another. Be authentic, courageous and free.

3. Cultivate your love by doing things together that you both love to do. Spend quality time together. Express words of affirmation. Perform acts of service. Be free to feel more and think less. 

4.  Evolve and empower yourself! Release the baggage of the past. The past is no longer real unless you choose to keep it real.

5. Learn to accept what is! This eliminates stress and irritation. Become aware of your own behavioral and thought patterning. Then together, you may seek to improve your interaction and grow without unnecessary conflict. 

6. Learn of your healthy needs and allow yourself to fulfill them. It is not up to your partner to fulfill your needs.

7. Believe in a beautiful, fulfilling love. Understand your ideas and concepts of love and choose healthy responses. Allow yourself to love deeply, without an attachment as to how the relationship, “needs to look.”

8. You are an amazing being. And so is your partner.  Follow your joy. There are infinite possibilities for your life and your love.

9. Do not blame others for your current situation. Although the mind may, “make up” a story to place blame elsewhere, more than likely you have made choices to bring you to your present situation.

10. Trust that life is working perfectly. What is being presented to you through your experience, is perfect for you and your own soul growth.

11. You came here to have this experience. Life is not an accident and neither are your relationships.

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