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When Positivity Doesn’t Work

“Be more positive!”

This is the message so many self-professed self help experts espouse.

And yet if you’re like many clients when they first come to me, you’ve been doing your best to think more positively, to live into happy thoughts, to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and…

You’re still stuck.

It’s not that you didn’t ‘think positively enough’. It’s that positivity alone isn’t the answer.

Want true transformation? Learn to accept and love all that you are. All that you experience. And accept ALL of your feelings – the positive, the negative, the uncomfortable, and the painful ones. Stop pushing away and resisting the negative, and learn to accept all of those feelings too. Yes, it’s hard to believe but if you resist the negative it will return again through out your life. The deeper wisdom here? The pain and the negative are in your life to show you something about yourself. Something your soul wants you to see and heal. This is the path to releasing ugliness and suffering and living a life of real success, peace and fulfillment.

Is having these feelings wrong or bad? The short answer is no. You have patterns and perceptions that do not serve you. We all do. When you understand them and move them to conscious awareness, your whole life will change. No longer plagued by old patterns of thought, doubts disappear. There is less stress. When you can love and treasure yourself, you set yourself free.

I’ve seen it happen with many clients. After years of struggle, by understanding their unconscious patterns and challenges they:

• Stop trying to hide who they really are

• Release dis-ease and rediscover vibrant health

• Release damaging emotions-fear, guilt, shame, and judgment

• Show up fully, brilliantly and authentically as themselves

How can you love and treasure who you are and create amazing success?

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Michael Vukelic