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Brooke Shields On Success: “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”

Wow! I had a great time meeting the actors at Mega Success In Anaheim!

What astounded me? How my limited interaction through television, movies and media had me believing so many things about each one of them, that simply are not true. As I interacted with each “Star” it was increasingly clear that they were surprisingly down to earth, regular people, like any one of us. Yes! Really! As they spoke it was like any other day to day conversation. They were friendly, and each had their own genius and gift.

Brooke is a brilliant lady. She is a savvy entrepreneur and business women as well as a talented actress. Early in her career she spoke of the real fear of becoming who she is today and how throughout her career she has felt that fear. She expressed that she had a great support system through her family, (especially her mom) and how she has become very successful continuing to feel that fear and stepping into the challenge anyway. She became more confident as she followed her dream and took Baby Steps and Giant Leaps to her freedom; and has become very successful doing so.

This reflects much about ourselves. Much of what we believe about ourselves can distract us from what we can achieve! I see it all the time.
Know this. Your perceived challenges are perfect for you. Deep down you know what they are. Are you choosing to face and overcome them? You have your genius and your gifts to share. We all do. And the world needs what you have!
What is the difference between you and the Star on TV? Nothing. It’s just a matter of owning your gift, feeling the fear and doing it anyway! You will be so glad you did!
Thank you Brooke Shields!

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Michael Vukelic