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Your Audience is Waiting!

Your Audience is waiting!!

Do you have a desire to speak, a message to share, or a story to tell that may support others? Is a fear of speaking keeping that message locked up inside you?

If so, here are a few tips, which may support you to get your message out there!

1. Look at your speech from the viewpoint of your audience. What kind of impact do you want to have on them? Will this best be shared as a life story, a documentary, or a fictional piece? Be clear on the impact you wish to make and who you want to impact. Define your audience and design the speech in the language that is most appropriate for them. Being clear is powerful.

2. Create an outline of the main points to establish a natural flow to the speech. Bring in your personal story where appropriate to add heart to your talk.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice. Use a video recorder or a mirror to watch yourself and critique your speaking style. You may also invite Friends to critique your speech.

3. Choose a role when speaking your message. What role feels comfortable to you?

Do you picture yourself as:

A Teacher?

A Transformer or Healer?

Or simply,

A colleague who wishes to share?

To be most comfortable, can you imagine yourself just conversing with friends?

4. Be casual. There is power in being yourself. Taking a simplistic view of the role you will play while speaking will help take the pressure off “being perfect.” Identifying with a role of less than a “professional” speaker is easier to step into and get yourself started.

5. One of the most powerful ways to speak to your audience is in learning to stop listening to the Ego. This is the part of you that creates fear regarding your abilities. It can be described as the self talk, or the endless mind chatter that tells you you are not good enough, or does not trust in your own expertise. Understanding this part of you is critical to becoming a powerful speaker and sharing your message without regard to what your Ego believes to be true. This is the gateway to embrace your own magnificence.

I spent the weekend connecting and sharing with new friends and business owners at the Edge Life Expo in Minneapolis. It was a blast! One of my favorite things to do is meet and connect with new friends!

The Expo was filled with many speakers sharing their own special message. Some spoke on life, while others spoke on personal development, leadership or relationships. As I mingled with the participants I heard many of them state they were gripped with fear and chose not to speak at all. I empathized with them, as I understand that paralyzing fear of speaking up!

All fear comes from the “Ego”.. and we all have an “Ego identity.” This identity is created by the concepts and perceptions of the mind. Basically, it consists of the labels we place on ourselves, I am: the son or daughter of “_____” I am “x” number years old, I am a ________ (what I “do” for a living), I am “good” at ________ , I am “not good” at ________ , and all the physical, emotional patterns and stories we believe to be true. The Ego in itself is not bad, and we all have an Ego. Sometimes though, the Ego Identity can hold beliefs and patterns that do not serve us. This includes our “Story” – of  what we have been through, how we are treated, and what we expect out of life. Some stories serve us in beautiful ways but some can have a detrimental effect on our life experience. All of our beliefs, patterns and stories have an effect on our biology and our life – if we allow them to. Many of us become attached to what we have experienced and the beliefs that form which affect our level of fulfillment, love and joy through-out life. This colors how we see the world, our loved ones, our work and most importantly ourselves.

Through out my childhood I was petrified to speak up. This is my journey and part of my life lesson. There is a lot more to this “story.” Suffice it to say, it was tough to speak in a household ruled by a 34 year military veteran.

As a young boy I was faced with learning to overcome fear, panic and self judgement. My mind learned to doubt my ability and made statements like “ you should have done it this way” or a favorite, “you didn’t do that right” – and definitively, “not good enough.” This became part of my “Ego identity” – what my mind heard and believed about me and it ruled my life for years. There were times it stopped me dead in my tracks.

How did I overcome this? Through my awareness and mastery of the mind. Through this process I uncovered unconscious beliefs and I learned to be aware of my patterns and thoughts. I learned to unlearn what the mind chose to believe and I chose to embrace my soul. I have learned to forgive and see the gift in my experience, which taught me how to step beyond the chattering mind and into my authentic self. Today, I live from my magnificent self, – my Essence. This is the key that set me free.

What is manifesting today is a life of miracles! As I integrate and incorporate this new wisdom, it seems to take less and less effort to achieve my long held dreams. I can speak without doubt.

My message today is not about my personal story. I share this today to support others in taking the first step in understanding their own, “ego identity” and create a path to overcome the doubts, beliefs and fears the mind believes to be “real.”

Most of what we believe about ourselves is not true! It’s something we took in as a child and we can overcome it. As many Scientists, Spiritual teachers and Masters teach, when we understand our mind – (understand what the mind believes about ourselves, about people, our health, our wealth and the world) we will understand our reality.

6. The best way I know to powerfully, authentically stand up and share your wisdom? Create awareness of this mental emotional identity called the “Ego” and stop identifying with it! Embrace your Essence – your heart. Here there is great LOVE. This will set you free.

Are you ready to serve the world with your message?

7. Stop listening to your mind to step out and speak!

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