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An Interview with Dr. Phil – Outrageous Success Michael Vukelic

Last week, I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Phil about what it takes to create and maintain Outrageous Success. So many incredible moments stand out in my mind.

One of my favorite quotes he shared with me about what it takes to curate Outrageous Success is this – “You have to know it to claim it.”

What did Dr. Phil mean? He was specifically speaking to something I believe in and coach my clients around – cultivating awareness of the habits, behaviors, and beliefs you hold onto and how they support or sabotage your life and dreams. As a success coach and mindset master, I know that what really stands in your way is NOT what’s tangible and known to you. It’s the unconscious programming, patterns and unknown beliefs that hold you back.

The truth is, you can’t create long term transformation and Success without first cultivating awareness and re-directing your un-conscious to work on your behalf. How many successful people can you name who create success, and later are destroyed by that success? On the other hand, most really successful people use a wide range of training, coaching or therapy to create and maintain a successful life. To learn more please visit:

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Michael Vukelic