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Outrageous Success – Michael Vukelic – Notes on an Interview with Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Interview – Own It. Where Ever You Have Been, Whatever You Have Done, Own It All.
Charlie sheen was probably one of the most surprising, authentic, funny, inspiring actors I have met. A lot has been said about the man. And at times, Charlie has said more than he wants to. He spoke regarding all the fun he has had, and owned up to terrible habits and addictions. His controversial roles on TV and in the movies. He has been plagued with abuse of self for years. What I know for sure – after meeting the man in person, my opinion about Charlie has been altered.
During his interview he was asked about his behavior; some of the things he has said and done, and in this interview, I was amazed at how he owned up to it all.
Charlie talked about his acting career, his numerous awards, the various roles he has performed, and his over the top behavior toward the people he loves. He owned his reckless drinking and drug abuse and how he continues to receive treatment for those addictions and behavior. During the interview he stated he has been totally sober for one year and was surprisingly lucid and calm. When asked about whether he will ever have another opportunity to act or star in a sitcom or movie, he confidently stated, there is always another opportunity, “Something will come up. It always does.”
It was so fun to meet you Charlie and I wish you well! America Loves you, and I trust you are on the path to growth, vitality and love of self! May you continue to have your aha moments and come to the real conclusion, you are not who you think you are, and find real joy, and peace!

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