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Mel Gibson – “How to Keep a Sense of Humor”

Growing up, I was raised in a house that was strict – with a military style of discipline. I have come to realize, I was always attempting to do things perfectly, to support my parents and keep the peace. I did all I could to earn their approval and be upbeat. Performing chores around the house; painting, cleaning or even cutting the grass had to be uniquely done and perfect. In adulthood, I continued to seek perfection in all I did and as a result I worked hard all my life to perform and show up that way. It was an exhausting endeavor!

When I met with Mel Gibson, it was obvious, this is a man who knows how to have fun!. Watching him find humor and lightness in every conversation was refreshing! I’ve seen him in many movies and a few that stand out for me are “Lethal Weapon” and “Maverick.” He was always joking around in these films – even in serious situations. Mel Gibson is that man in person. I had no idea he was so funny and jovial. Speaking with him regarding any subject – from the real estate transactions he has done or the hard times he found himself in – he did his best to approach the situation with humor and his humor supported him in living his desires and ultimately finding his freedom.

Being a recovering perfectionist, I realize how important it is to lighten up! I have caused myself and my partner undo stress and anxiety attempting to make everything perfect. It’s not necessary. Yes, I realize it is a good trait to have, but perfection is a pattern the mind seeks to look better, impress and please. Showing up “perfect” usually stems from consistently being overlooked, siblings receiving rewards, but not I – or consistent feedback from a parent or guardian that states, you could have done better! Today, whatever I choose to accomplish, I may choose to accomplish it well but, I laugh, have fun and enjoy the journey.
Thank you Mel!
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