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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

Do you believe in Miracles?

I have been doing a lot of work in the office lately, writing my first Self Development book which I do not have a title for (Yet) and surprisingly enough a second book has sprung from this work, which will be “A Survival Guide for Men.” I am really excited for what has been coming through me and on to the page. I also have been very focused, preparing for new keynotes and talks, as I realize its time to get serious and do a major launch of this life project called my business.

During my search for pictures and info for my PowerPoint presentations I came across this snapshot. It’s been 50 years since this photo. I remember this place. I was standing in front of our “vintage” trailer and living in Texas with my Mom, Dad and sister near Ft. Bliss. I had just completed kindergarten and was starting first grade. It was hot! It was cramped! We were absolutely broke. But at the same time, it was exciting. It was a new adventure.

So much has happened since then and since I am in a “writing mode,” I feel like sharing some of my journey with my friends.

All I can say is wow. 50 years? The play’s I did in grade school, dressing up like a cowboy for a “Western Contest,” the little league baseball superstar, and the trips all over the U.S. with the Boy Scouts. (As a boy it was an inexpensive way to see the country and that experience gave me a real bug for seeing the world.) I took a lot of ribbing being a Boy Scout – and still I would not change a thing!

I was the first person in the family to go to college. I joined the military to gain the benefits to help pay for that education. I ended up with the glamorous corporate career I sought and the income that helped me live differently than my upbringing – it happened. I continued to travel, got married, had a beautiful home surrounded by acreage, trees and an in-ground pool. I invested in property, had my own real estate brokerage, did fixer uppers and had a blast!

There were many ups and downs, triumphs and failures. It was a perfect experience and brought me to where I am today – the teaching role that I enjoyed so much throughout my High School and College days.

As the old song goes, I have seen fire and I have seen rain! Lots of it. The best part of my life was when I was able to live in the moment, let go of everything and just enjoy. The worst part? Watching my parents – the people I loved so dearly, suffer. They taught me a lot.

My parents are gone now, but the lessons and wisdom they gave me will last a lifetime and then some. They suffered with thoughts and ideas about their life, they suffered with disease and they suffered with each other. And when I began to realize I was recreating their patterns and ideas in my own life, which ultimately caused my disease, this launched me into a place of curiosity, seeking an advanced education and eventually awakening to new knowledge and greater understanding. And it changed my life forever.

From 60 years of experience, degrees from various backgrounds and 17 years of self- development, with love, I now offer a few of the best pieces of this education to you. You may do with it whatever you wish. You always, always, always have free will.


There are infinite possibilities for any life, including your own. Believe it.

Instead of thinking of things as things – We must think of them as possibilities.

The more we accept that something is possible – the more it is possible.

My disease was a gift and awakened me to my resentful and judgmental thinking, we can heal ourselves.

Life is not happening to us. It is happening for us. There is wisdom in every experience we have.

Growing from one experience to another is possible for all of us, if we choose it.

There is no need for pain and suffering in life or to achieve what we desire.

All the answers do indeed lie inside of us and our thoughts are merely tendencies until we choose to focus.

Thoughts. There is indeed a point to changing your thoughts about the world. It is in this that you are changing the cause. The effect will change automatically.

To be happy, choose to be happy, everyday! Choose it!

You are an absolute miracle and there are miracles happening every day! Choose to see miracles and so it will be. Comments? Thoughts? 🙂

What kind of experiences have you had as a child or young adult?

Please share a story or event from your life, we would love to hear it!

Thank you #soulfulsuccess

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Michael Vukelic