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Master your Subconscious Mind – Get what you want!

It is estimated that about 3% of our processing power lies in our Conscious mind and 97% lies in our autonomic Subconscious.

The Subconscious mind automatically handles many of our bodily functions without our awareness. And unless an issue becomes apparent, we normally don’t pay any attention to how the unconscious digests our food, how we breathe, our heart rate, blood pressure and all of the result driven beliefs and habits that are on automatic pilot and are being handled by our Subconscious mind.

By far our greatest processing power is the Subconscious mind. Scientists say the power of our Subconscious mind is 1 million times greater than the Conscious mind. This is not to say the Conscious mind is weak as it is quite powerful but there exists another part of you that is even more powerful!

To illustrate the power of the Subconscious, lets talk about a goal. When we consciously set a goal or intention such as.., “I want success”, or even better, “I am successful” if the Subconscious belief we hold is, “I am afraid I will loose my freedom,” or “that’s too much work,” or “I have never been successful,” no matter how we slice it – what we will manifest is: Non Success!

Think of your Subconscious mind as the computer. It will use the computer program you give it and run with it. The problem is; we usually have more than one program and an old program may be in conflict with a new upgraded version. Ultimately our Conscious mind is meant to give the Subconscious mind good and clear direction. It is our job to make sure the programming is functional and optimal in aligning with our desires. Yes, you can use your will and your sweat to move toward what you want but having our Subconscious mind on board makes it so much easier!

I recommend the following five steps to begin to reprogram and blast past your hidden Subconscious challenges.

  1. First you must recognize the resistance you hold toward your goal and understand your Subconscious mind. You may require support to accomplish this.

Your Subconscious can be compared to a 9 year old child; it is very intelligent, playful and has brilliant wisdom to bring into your life. Don’t assume you know your Subconscious mind and its non negotiable requirements – to have freedom, work less or stay in a comfort zone, etc. Most of this programming is hidden from us and we act out on our belief system without a second thought. What is showing up in your life is a great indicator of what you believe. Yet another challenge may be that many of us are so used to analyzing and calculating our way through life that our conscious thinking becomes stressful and overpowering and the brilliance of the Subconscious is disregarded as trivial. A big mistake.

  1. Become aware of what the Subconscious mind is afraid of. Get the details and specifics of your fears.
  1. Once this is known. Make a promise to the Subconscious.

After assessing the specific concerns of the Subconscious, set an intention to work it out. If our experience brings, too much work? No Freedom? Not having fun? Then understand and choose differently. “ If I loose my freedom then I will choose another direction that is more in alignment with me”, I promise! This will relieve the tension and then the Subconscious can open up to the idea of success and start to pursue and honor what you really want!

  1. Look for positive examples. Find proof.

Find examples of happy successful people who have lots of freedom and are not overworked. Look at people who’s freedom has increased from a successful business! Let the subconscious know- yes, it is possible. Bring the two desires together, Freedom and Success!

  1. Then Solidify and Affirm

Create mantras. Use them as a reminder of what is possible. Offer them to yourself as many times as it feels good. An important point! The mantra must feel good to you. In the most powerful Hypnopompic or Hypnogogic state, (at night just before sleep or as you wake in the morning) repeat this feel good mantra to yourself and feel the energy of it!!

Your mind is brilliant and powerful! Make use of the power of your Subconscious mind! To learn more please visit:

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