Hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Minneapolis/St. Paul

If you’re craving instant, immediate relief from a stubborn unconscious pattern, unhealthy habit, debilitating pain, health issue, or other nagging challenge(s) in your life, quantum healing hypnosis technique can help.

Every day in my office, I see the powerful impact hypnosis has on the lives of clients. Done correctly, we quickly and skillfully gather wisdom from the mind to gain freedom from those nagging limiting beliefs and incessant unconscious thought patterns and behaviors that cause stress and keep you stuck.

What is Hypnosis and what are the benefits of Quantum Healing?

Simply put, hypnosis is a focused state of attention characterized by a sense of deep relaxation and increased feelings of well-being. From this dream-like relaxed state, psychological and emotional barriers are reduced or released as you are guided to uncover your hidden challenges; suggesting new forms of thought, behavior and response with imagery that support your true desires. Bringing unconscious thoughts, beliefs, habits or behavior into your conscious awareness can resolve old issues and lead to major shifts physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

During and after Hypnosis, your mind will begin to find new ways to see yourself, the world around you, and shift your ingrained perspective. This opens you up to finally start focusing on what you deeply desire. As a result, you begin to believe that the life of your dreams can become your waking reality.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a regressive and/or progressive hypnosis technique where I guide you to access the great wisdom that lies within. Wisdom that uncovers the origins of illness, insecurity, lack or dis-ease; to open up new ways of seeing and experiencing your future. Quantum Healing is done in my Northfield, Minnesota office. Plan to spend at least 3 hours with me during our session.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis offers access to and freedom from perceived challenges so we can create a more outrageously aligned future while releasing associated anxiety, stress, sadness, anger and any other challenging emotions.

Hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis are known to effectively treat:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Troublesome habitual patterns
  • Addictions, phobias, & fears
  • Emotional trauma
  • Weight release
  • Dis-ease in the body
  • Limited thinking, programming and symptoms

While Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions can only be performed in my office in Northfield, Minnesota, I am trained and adept at guiding clients around the world through their own Quantum Leaps using self-hypnosis and other deep relaxation techniques in combination with virtual Success Coaching.

See more information on Quantum Leap Success program here.

This powerful training program gets to the root of your underlying issues and patterns to provide long term transformation and answers to what’s really happening in your life.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a specialty and the fastest way to experience results

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Retreat

Gain a new perspective, transform your life experience – 3 to 5 hours

Each “Quantum Healing” session uses Hypnosis Processes and Regressive or Progressive Techniques to directly access and assess your higher wisdom. During the session the unconscious mind will choose event(s) or experience(s) that will best explain the troublesome pattern, fear or pain you are living with.

We gently work with your unconscious mind, retrieve the most relevant memory, event or knowledge relating to your current challenge and reflect and integrate what you discover, gaining valuable wisdom to shift your perception, shift your current life experience and leave your issue in the past. During the session the unconscious mind is called upon to scan, transform and heal the body, and suggestions are made to continually support you in repair of mental and physical challenges.

Each retreat is recorded and includes an intuitive reading, essential oil sample, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Process and continued unconscious healing as well as a crystal selected specifically for your unique challenge.

Ready To Schedule Your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Retreat?

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